PSC Support Cycle Team Update

They did it!

Jonathan said, "It took us just under 13 hours. Around 10.5 in the saddle with around 6 stops for loo and nutrition breaks. I cannot believe how generous everyone has been but I'm very pleased they have been. I really hope the contributions can make a difference for everyone."

The team has shared some of the photograhs and video to commemorate their day.

At the last count, thanks to their generous supporters, Jonathan and the rest of his team had raised a phenomenal £8,647.22 for PSC Support. This is fantastic and will allow us to continue our work to support people affected by PSC, and contribute to PSC research. On behalf of all PSCers, thank you!

If you would like to sponsor the team, there is still time, and every penny is gratefully received.

JonnyWell Summer's finally arrived (sort of!) and the PSC Support Cycling Team's training plans are in full swing.

Most of the riders regularly commute to work covering over 20 miles a day all year round. But this is just routine cycling. We have all steadily been building up regular training rides since the start of the year - come rain, shine, snow, wind and hail. Believe me we have had it all.

Of all the ailments wind is the cyclists biggest enemy and we have had plenty of that this year. Even now in June the head winds can be tough to ride through.

NeilAll 10 riders are ensconced in personally motivated training rides as well as participating in organised Sportives to build up their fitness, technique and stamina for the big ride in July.

Wes and I recently did a 103 mile Sportive around Kent and the North Downs. Pete, Matt and Sam did a 92 miler. Joe an 86 miler through the New Forest and Andy and Max a 68 mile Sportive. Neil gets the prize so far, having done a gruelling 116 mile Sportive over the South Downs which had no less than 7 killer hills! Michael is about to embark on a ride to Paris, in the saddle for 75 miles a day.

On top of this all riders have been getting regular weekend rides in covering 30, 40, 50, 60 miles to build up their strength. I'm also busy organising the ride including planning the full route in detail, stop points and the support vehicle logistics and spares.

We are now just under 6 weeks away from the big one and, so far, we are all feeling we're on schedule to be fit in time.

Our target is to hopefully raise a total of £6000 for PSC Support. At the time of writing this update I'm pleased to state we have raised just over £5000.

Best wishes

Jonny Wilson
Team PSC Support Coordinator