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Strengthening the PSC Support Board of Trustees

Five new Trustees welcomed

New Trustees

PSC Support has appointed five new Trustees to the Board to bring professional, strong leadership to the charity to help us better meet the needs of people affected by PSC.

Addressing Patients' Needs

PSC is a complex, incurable autoimmune liver disease. The multiple unmet needs of people with PSC can only be addressed through high quality research, strong healthcare advocacy, support and a focus on addressing issues that affect quality of life.

Addressing these needs is at the heart of PSC Support's work. We are a tiny charity, relying on volunteers and one employee, yet we punch way above our weight and are the leading patient organisation for PSC.


However, we must do more.


Progressing our Plan

Doing more, and doing it well, is a challenge with limited manpower and resources, but we have a plan. Our first step was to change the legal structure of the charity in 2017, and our second was to employ our first member of staff, a Programme Development Officer (Maxine Tapp), at the end of 2018. Employing Maxine has been a huge success and has allowed us to do more, and better, work.


It is still not enough.


Strengthening the Board of Trustees

The charity must grow, and for that, we need strong, professional leadership and so our third step involves strengthening our Board of Trustees. Trustees play a critical role in the running of any charity; they oversee and set the strategic direction of work.

We advertised for new Trustees in May 2020 and we received many excellent applications. After evaluating each one, and conducting interviews with the very best, we we are delighted to have appointed five additional Trustees who bring fresh skills and expertise our Board.





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