Right Upper Quadrant pain

Pain in the upper right quadrant is a common complaint from PSCers. Right upper quadrant pain refers to pain in the upper right part of the abdomen just below the rib cage but it can extend to the middle of the abdomen, back and even shoulder.

Here's what PSCers say about their RUQ pain:

“RUQ pain is like a knitting needle poking into my ribs. The pain comes and goes but is there most of the time, even though I don’t really have any other PSC symptoms except fatigue.”

“I get sharp stabs occasionally but mostly I get a feeling of a balloon under my right ribs, expanding and expanding - a huge pressure which affects how I lie in bed or sit. Sometimes I have to raise my right arm and stretch over to the left to give me more room. It makes me feel very scared. The pain of this isn't helped by tramadol. I have to rest as I get fatigue always when I get this pain.”

“It is like a huge pressure under my ribs and I haven’t found anything to help it yet.”

“It is very uncomfortable and feels like a balloon expanding and pushing against my ribs. I find it difficult to breath as the pain is so intense. When I get it I usually lie down with loose clothing on and just try and breath deeply as nothing soothes the pain.”

“My urq pain is sometimes like someone’s pinching me, or I get a throb (which I think maybe a stone is moving???), and I also get the feeling that my liver is too big and presses against my ribs - which can be helped by leaning to the left, or turning over in bed.”

“The pain was like something was pinching me inside.”

“The pain is such a horrid pain like someone’s constantly pushing against my ribs which sends pain to the centre of my chest and back, to describe it its like sum1 is stabbing with a hot sharp needle if that makes sense. The other pain is in the centre under the ribs that’s a dull ache, constant like sum1 is punching you aggressively between 1-10 both pains are a definitely 10 mark.”

“My urqp feels like i have had a knife slice through me. It eases slightly when i lay on my side or sometimes on my back with legs bent up (yes i look like an idiot lol)”

Reviewed 10/05/12

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