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We are passionate about ensuring the work we do and research we support is centred around the needs and wishes of people affected by PSC.

We are often looking for people with experience of living with PSC to join small panels to share their views to:

  • help us choose the right projects for PSC Support to pioneer and fund
  • help us explain research results to ordinary people who don't have scientific knowledge
  • help researchers with their research plans to make it easy to take part in the study
  • improve and develop our information and publications about PSC

'I love being involved! I've helped improve the design of a research study just by giving my point of view as a patient.'

'My partner has PSC. Being involved helps me because it is reassuring to see how much is going on to make things better for PSC patients. I didn't realise how much advocacy and research work PSC Support does behind the scenes and I'm delighted help.'

If you are interested in joining one of these panels, we'd love to hear from you. Finally, we are looking for someone who has PR skills and experience to volunteer some of their time to help us. If that's you, get in touch!

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