Take part in research

How you can be involved in finding a cure for PSC through research

There has never been a more exciting time in the history of PSC research. There may be studies taking place in your own hospital, national and international studies through UKPSC, or qualitative studies looking at the psychological burden of PSC and how patients can be better supported.

Taking part in research can range from filling in a short questionnaire, giving blood or another sample, giving extra biopsies during your colonoscopy, to trying out a drug that is being developed for PSC. We can't stress enough how important your effort to help is: PSC is rare and as many of us as possible need to be part of the movement to find a treatment that works, once and for all.

Together, we can make a difference. How will you help?

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Give a blood sample

Give A Blood Sample

Anyone with PSC (including children) in the UK can give a blood sample to UK-PSC.

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Find PSC research studies

Find PSC Research Studies

There are all kinds of PSC research studies to take part in. Find studies in the UK and worldwide.

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Our 'Research' and 'Medicine and Treatment' News

My Health Journey

25 Mar 2020

Mark, a PSC patient, takes a humorous look at living with PSC, colonoscopies, transplant assessment, and going on a clinical trial.

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Joanna: Cant Afford My Medication

20 Feb 2020

Thousands with long-term conditions like PSC and IBD have to pay for their prescriptions, while those with conditions like Type-1 diabetes don’t pay a penny. Why?

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Yellow Card Awareness Week

17 Feb 2020

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency are raising awareness of their Yellow Card Scheme.

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New Clinical Trial for PSC: Cilofexor

16 Feb 2020

A new Phase 3 clinical trial is starting to recruit volunteers across the UK and Europe testing the drug Cilofexor/ GS-9674 in PSC patients.

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Will Smith: I Vlogged My Colonoscopy

17 Jan 2020

Do you talk openly about colonoscopy? Will Smith goes one step further.

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PSC Support – A Year in Review 2019

23 Dec 2019

It’s been quite a year for PSC Support, we are proud to share a few highlights from 2019!

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Calling Liver Transplant Patients!

17 Dec 2019

If you have had a liver transplant, would you like to join our focus group to help a researcher improve outcomes for liver transplant patients?

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Patient Survey on Acceptability of Treatments in AIH

11 Dec 2019

If you have AIH, please take a few moments to help researchers and doctors improve treatment.

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Finding a Diagnostic Blood Test for PSC

06 Dec 2019

We’re delighted to announce that PSC Support has awarded a grant to Dr Elizabeth Goode and Dr Simon Rushbrook to develop a blood test to diagnose PSC.

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Birmingham Information Day Videos

26 Nov 2019

We’ve finished uploading the videos from our Birmingham Information Day. The latest video is about clinical trials and taking part.

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PSC600: A UK-PSC Initiative

23 Oct 2019

PSC Support announces new funding for research to track 600 PSC patients over 5 years. The research will study patients in the UK-PSC biobank.

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Electronic Prescriptions to be Introduced Nationally from November 2019

19 Oct 2019

NHS to scrap paper prescriptions next month under a plan to save £300m by 2021.

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UK-PSC Quality of Life Update

06 Oct 2019

Update on the UK-PSC quality of life measure so many of you have helped with.

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The PSC Wellbeing Study Update

04 Oct 2019

Methodology published in the BMJ following on from scientific literature scoping review.

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Early Detection of Bile Duct Cancer and rPSC

27 Sep 2019

PSC Support is funding important research to allow for early detection of bile duct cancer and recurrent PSC.

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Dr Jess Dyson: What’s New in Autoimmune Liver Disease

14 Sep 2019

Consultant hepatologist Dr Jess Dyson, member of PSC Support’s Expert Panel, talks about her research interest in why people get autoimmune liver diseases at a recent LIVErNORTH patient meeting, focusing on possible environmental factors.

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Faecal Microbiota Transplant and Vancomycin for PSC

13 Sep 2019

Take two minutes to do our quick poll about the best way to conduct a faecal microbiota transplant and vancomycin study. THANK YOU!

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Supercool Livers

13 Sep 2019

A new method for liver transplants from Harvard scientists.

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Testing the Utility of MRCP+

12 Sep 2019

New study is looking at a new technology that could aid PSC diagnosis and how progression of disease is measured.

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A World Without PSC campaign

13 Aug 2019

Help us beat PSC!

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PSC Support 2019 Research Survey

26 Jul 2019

Take part in our new survey to understand why people do, and don’t, take part in research, and enter our £50 Amazon voucher prize draw.

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PSC Support is working with the UK Regulatory Authority for Medicine Development

22 Jul 2019

PSC Support is a member of the Patient Group Consultative Forum (PGCF) to bring the PSC patient voice to the work of the MHRA.

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Yellow Card Scheme

22 Jul 2019

How to report side effects of medicines and how to create a ‘watch list’ of medications for which you can receive news and alerts.

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Special Interest Group for Immune-Mediated Liver Disease

11 Jul 2019

PSC research priorities presented at the BASL Immune-Mediated Liver Disease Special Interest Group.

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Birmingham Information Day June 2019

01 Jul 2019

PSC Support held their 2019 Birmingham Information Day on the 22nd June at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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