Take part in research

How you can be involved in finding a cure for PSC through research

There has never been a more exciting time in the history of PSC research. There may be studies taking place in your own hospital, national and international studies through UKPSC, or qualitative studies looking at the psychological burden of PSC and how patients can be better supported.

Taking part in research can range from filling in a short questionnaire, giving blood or another sample, giving extra biopsies during your colonoscopy, to trying out a drug that is being developed for PSC. We can't stress enough how important your effort to help is: PSC is rare and as many of us as possible need to be part of the movement to find a treatment that works, once and for all.

Together, we can make a difference. How will you help?

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Give a blood sample

Give A Blood Sample

Anyone with PSC (including children) in the UK can give a blood sample to UK-PSC.

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Find PSC research studies

Find PSC Research Studies

There are all kinds of PSC research studies to take part in. Find studies in the UK and worldwide.

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Our 'Research' and 'Medicine and Treatment' News

Taking Part in Research

28 Jun 2019

New website launched focusing on clinical trials and taking part in research

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Medicine Development Training

16 Jun 2019

This week, Maxine, PSC Support’s Programme Development Officer, has been extending her knowledge in this area with EURORDIS, the European patient organisation for rare diseases.

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Cancer Prevention Survey Results

12 Jun 2019

Survey results published: reducing the risk of cancer is important to people affected by PSC and they are interested in helping reduce the risks of PSC-related cancers.

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Taking Part in Research – Patient Perspective

09 Jun 2019

How do you get on a clinical trial for PSC? What’s involved? Gareth shares his experience.

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Vancomycin: a promising option for the treatment of PSC?

07 Jun 2019

Dr Roger Chapman takes a look at vancomycin and its potential use in PSC.

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PSC Guidelines

03 Jun 2019

The new BSGUK-PSC Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of PSC have been published.

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PSC Research VIDEO

17 May 2019

Dr Douglas Thorburn from the Royal Free Hospital London talking about the latest PSC research.

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What to expect from your PSC doctor VIDEO

17 May 2019

Dr Aileen Marshall from the Royal Free Hospital London talking about what to expect from your PSC doctor.

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Quality of life for people with PSC

23 Mar 2019

Please help us ensure PSC patients are being asked the right questions to assess quality of life.

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PSC research is a top priority in the UK liver community

11 Mar 2019

Your survey responses have been acted upon and heard.

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Using cannabis to control pain in PSC

05 Mar 2019

The facts about medicinal cannabis and where to find more information.

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Your Medicines Supply After the EU Exit

05 Mar 2019

What to expect in the event of a no-deal EU Exit and and what to do now.

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PSC Support works with researchers to improve PSC diagnosis

01 Feb 2019

We are working with researchers to remove the uncertainty around diagnosing PSC.

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UK-PSC Risk Scores for PSC

03 Jan 2019

A new 2 year and 10 year UK-PSC risk score tool for PSC.

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Research of medicine for PSC

03 Dec 2018

PSC Support represents patients at EMA meeting on development of medicines for PSC

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Impact of PSC on mental health and wellbeing

25 Nov 2018

We’re working with psychologists to improve wellbeing for people affected by PSC.

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What PSC patients are thinking

15 Nov 2018

Find out what patients think about having PSC and their attitudes to research and treatments.

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Results from NGM282 drug trial in PSC

11 Nov 2018

Results of another drug trial for PSC have now been published following preliminary results announced last year.

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Results GS-9674 drug trial in PSC

10 Nov 2018

GS-9674 led to significant improvements in liver biochemistry and markers of cholestasis in PSC patients.

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PSC Support Research Funding Grants

30 Oct 2018

The latest PSC Support grant round closes on 9 January 2019.

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A prediction tool for doctors

08 Oct 2018

Predicting risk in PSC: PREsTo Thanks to PSC patients sharing their healthcare data, we are able to learn more about our condition. There is still much more we need to understand to crack PSC, but good news this week is that scientists have been able to create a new prediction toolfor PSC. The new tool is…

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Patient involvement in clinical services and research

20 Jun 2018

Wales Hepatology Forum presentation about involving patients.

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The impact of colectomy type following liver transplant for PSC

12 Jun 2018

Colectomies and PSC transplant: end ileostomy compared to ileal-pouch anal anastomosis (IPAA).

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Research begins looking at IBD care after transplant for PSC

25 Jan 2018

First nationwide audit of IBD care delivery following liver transplantation for PSC.

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PSC Support responds to EMA consultation on behalf of patients

14 Aug 2017

The European Medicines Agency is evaluating clinical trial design in PSC.

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