Team Norman

Sue Norman and her friends and family, Team Norman raised funds for PSC Support in the first ever Milton Keynes Marathon. Together they raised over £5,000 to help people affected by PSC. Here’s Sue’s report of one amazing day in April...

Charlotte and IzzyLate into the evening at a dinner party at our house, my friend Lesley announced that her new found love of running should be put to the test and she would run a marathon in 2012. We all agreed whole heartedly that she should run and we would support her. After a few minutes she announced that she would run in aid of PSC Support. My daughter, Charlotte, was diagnosed with PSC in June 2010 and we had gained a lot of information from the PSC Support website.

We thought it would be an advantage to have more than one runner to support each other in training. Charlotte asked around her sporting friends and Izzy Pugh volunteered. I e-mailed my son Ed who was travelling in Vietnam on a gap year and suggested he should run. He volunteered to run as part of a team but not the whole marathon. That was the quickest response we had from him throughout his time travelling!

At this time MK Marathon was announced - Milton Keynes’ first marathon and they had a relay section. The deal was sealed! With the help of Martine we secured charity places in the marathon. The relay was run as a corporate event and we entered a team-Team PSC Support-to support Izzy.

Ed, Max, Jake, Izzy and SusieDue to work commitments Lesley decided to run as part of the team together with Ed and two of his friends from Reading University, Max Goldberg and Jake Fossey. Izzy started her training on 26th December 2011.

Izzy’s training progressed well with or despite her mum, Anna’s help. (Anna and I believe her help was invaluable!) We set up a Just Giving page and created posters which we e-mailed to everyone we knew and placed in local shop windows, doctor’s surgeries and MK hospital. The sponsorship began to come in as the date drew closer.

Ed, Max and Jake assured me that all was good with the training. I took that as meaning they would turn up on the day, run and suffer later. That was indeed what happened!
All was going well until a week before the race when Lesley picked up an injury that was not going away. After some quick phoning around Anna spoke to her friend Susie Wetton who volunteered to run in Lesley’s place. What a star! The panic was over.

The day arrived as did the rain and wind and more rain. It was wet!

We arrived at MK Dons stadium parked and gathered in the stadium to prepare for the day ahead. While the team stood chatting a reporter from MK Citizen came by and interviewed them. Izzy gave a wonderful account of their efforts and of PSC Support. The interview was on line on MK Citizen the next week.

Izzy took her place for the start and Susie took her's supported by the boys Lesley, Anna and myself. Everyone was wet through before the race began but morale was high. When Susie left Lesley and I transported the boys to the relay point at Caldicott Lake ready for Jake to take over. The changeover went smoothly though we did not have any spare time as Susie was quick!

We then encountered a problem. We were parked at Caldicott Lake and the entrance was across the marathon route so we were trapped! We had to get to Willen Lake for the next changeover and Max was in the car with us! At this time Charlotte phoned me to say she and my husband, Doug, were parked on the road outside Caldicott Lake and could not get in due to the runners. Problem solved! Max and Ed walked out and Charlotte and Doug transferred them to the changeover. Lesley and I found places to cheer on our team and the many other runners. Due to flooding the runners had wet feet and had to contend with mud and slippery surfaces. Susie’s advice to them was to run through the flood as a fall was guaranteed if they tried to avoid it. It proved to be good advice and the team did not fall. Izzy picked up a knee injury at 18 miles but was determined to finish.

They all finished and received their well deserved medals and food!

Izzy’s knee has recovered with the help of physiotherapy. Ed, Max and Jake suffered a little over the next day or two then recovered and are keen to run again!

I would like to thank Lesley who suggested the Marathon and though she could not run on the day was a fantastic help and support to everyone. Thank you to Doug and Charlotte for relaying the team and to Jake and Anna Pugh for supporting Izzy and collecting so much sponsorship. Thank you to Martine for helping us to publicise the event. Thanks to all who sponsored the event.

And of course a big thank you to Izzy, Susie, Jake, Max and Ed for doing the hard work.

Sue Norman