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Flu vaccination for PSC

It's that time of year again - flu season!

People with PSC are eligible for free flu vaccinations because they have chronic liver disease, and they usually become available about now (end of September, beginning of October). It is wise to take the initiative to make your vaccine appointment rather than wait for notification from your GP surgery. Some notifications arrive on repeat prescription papers, and for those of us who order them online, or have the pharmacy make the order, these notifications are easily missed.

Make use of your local pharmacy

Did you know that free flu vaccinations are available from both GP surgeries and pharmacies? Check with your local chemist and if they are offering the service this year (many are), you can go there instead of your GP. Many people find this more convenient. If you have your flu vaccine at a pharmacy, you do not have to inform a GP. It's up to the pharmacist to do that.

Taking immunosuppressants/steroids

If you are around children who are likely to be given the live vaccine (the nasal spray), then there is a tiny theoretical risk that individuals on immunosuppressants/steroids could catch it. This means some people are advised to avoid contact with children for a while after they have had the spray vaccination if they haven’t had their own vaccination. Impractical for many!

The solution is easy - make sure you have your own vaccination (by injection) at least 10 days before the children have theirs.

Most schools do the vaccines in October so try to get yours done as soon as they are available to have. [Many thanks to AIH Support for the tip on immunosuppression and vaccines]

Vaccine delays?

We read in the press this week that some vaccine deliveries to GPs may be delayed by a couple of weeks. We understand that pharmacies will not be affected.