Transplant tips

Information to help you prepare for liver transplant by those who have been through it

Transplant tips

Huge thanks to members of our Facebook group for these tips:

  1. Have your bag packed and ready to go!
  2. Keep as fit and active as possible to help the recovery and eat as healthily as possible.
  3. Try to keep your mind occupied and active to help with the stress of waiting. Try to remember you are not alone.
  4. Keep your phone with you at ALL times and fully charged.
  5. Don’t panic about missing a call, the coordinators will go out of their way to get hold of you and will have numerous contacts for you if they can’t get you at home or on your mobile.
  6. For early stage recovery do not be afraid to call the liver coordinators if you have any concerns or worries. They can be called at any time of the day or night and would rather you call than sit at home worrying about something.
  7. Time and rest are the best healers. Listen to your body and try not to over-do it in the first few months.
  8. Talk to others who have been or are going through the transplant process. You can ask your transplant team if they can put you in touch with someone, or use the PSC Support Facebook group to chat to others.
  9. Find ways to stay positive while you wait for the call.

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