Unanswered Research Questions

Patient perspective on unanswered questions in PSC

The following list of questions is taken from responses in our PSC Support Surveys.

Questions about why people get PSC

What is the cause of PSC?

Can PSC be prevented?

What is PSC doing to me?

Who gets PSC?

Why is there such variability between PSCers?

What environmental factors are involved in PSC?

Questions about curing or halting PSC

Can you cure me?

Can you halt the progression on PSC?

Questions about diagnosis, prognosis and identifying PSC risks

How can PSC be diagnosed early?

Why does PSC return after transplant in some people?

What is my prognosis?

Why does PSC progress quickly in some people?

Will I need a transplant?

Identify warning signals that my PSC will be aggressive.

Identify warning signals that I may get a cancer.

Questions about symptom treatment

Can you treat my fatigue and other symptoms?

Does exercise help fatigue in PSC?

Questions about helping ourselves

What can I do to stay healthy?

Should I eat a special diet?

Questions about PSC and other diseases

How is PSC linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

How is PSC linked to other diseases, especially autoimmune diseases?

Questions about therapies

Do antibiotics work in PSC?

Does bacterial therapy work in PSC?

What does Urso do?

Questions about clinical care

How can I get a doctor that understands PSC?

Questions about genetics

How are genetics involved in PSC?

Are members of my family likely to have PSC?

Can you screen for PSC?

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