Using Social Media to Promote Your Event

Promoting your event on social media

Once you have completed your fundraising proposal form and organised your fundraising event, it is time to let everyone know what you’re doing and why! Social media is a brilliant way of letting everyone know all about your fundraising event, helping people understand the importance of your cause and of course encouraging everyone to sponsor you!

Create a fundraising page

A fundraising page is an easy way for people to sponsor you and a simple, hassle free way to collect sponsorship money in one place. You can tell everyone all about your story on the page which will explain why their donation is so very important and how the money will be used.

An online fundraising page is an easy and secure way for people to sponsor you.  With BT MyDonate, your donations automatically get sent to PSC Support so it’s a simple, hassle-free way to collect sponsorship money.

Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate

(More information on collecting sponsorship).

Facebook and Twitter

Use Facebook and Twitter to post links to your fundraising page, any media coverage of the fundraising event and also to let people know about your progress, milestones and fundraising targets. Add photographs and videos to draw attention and make your posts a bit more visually pleasing. Don't for get to Tweet us @PSCSupportUK! It is amazing how many people often donate again at the time of your event when they see how hard you've worked. Always carry a sponsorship form and be ready to talk about your event and why you are doing it. Some people use online printing companies like Vistaprint to create cheap business cards displaying their JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving details which they carry round wherever they go. Always be prepared!

Ask people to donate but don’t bombard people and overdo it. Ask your friends to share your page too so it is getting exposure far and wide.


Don’t forget to tell us about your event and keep us updated on your progress so we can let PSCers all over the UK and world know about your fundraising efforts. There is a lot of virtual support out there!