Worldwide support and information

PSC Support is a UK-based charity with members in 68 countries worldwide.


Whilst we welcome members from anywhere around the world, we would like you to know about some other PSC support-related organisations that you may also find helpful:


Europe - PSC Patients Europe


Australia - Australian PSC Partners Seeking a Cure and PSC Australia


Austria - Hepatitis Hilfe Österreich


Finland - Munuais ja maksaliitto


France - albi and Fonds-CSP


Germany - PSC-Kein Ende sondern ein Neuer Anfang, Deutsche Morbus Crohn/ Colitis ulserosa Vereinigung, DCCV Facebook


Israel - PSC Support in Israel Facebook Group


Netherlands - PSC en AiH (overlap) Nederlandstalig Facebook Group


New Zealand - PSC Kiwi Support Facebook Group


Norway - Primær Skleroserende Cholangitt (PSC) / Primær biliær cirrhose (PBC) Facebook Group, Forening for autoimmune leversykdommer (FAL) and Norwegian PSC Research Centre (NoPSC)


Portugal - Colangite Esclerosante Primaria


Spain - albi-espana


Sweden - Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset


United States of America - PSC Partners Seeking a CureSave-JonPSC-support (FB primary sclerosing cholangitis & transplant support)PSC Liver Transplant Support Group