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This section contains basic information that can be accessed even when the app is offline. For more details, refer to the PSC Care Guidelines in the main menu of the app.


Routine Care and Monitoring

The UK-PSC Clinical Care Guidelines include the following recommendations:


Expect to have a yearly ultrasound scan. Your case will be referred to a specialist team for review if a polyp is found.

If you have cirrhosis, expect more frequent monitoring to check for liver cancer.


Expect to have a colonoscopy when you are diagnosed with PSC to look for colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) if you don't already have it.

Expect to have a yearly colonoscopy if you have IBD and PSC.

Expect to have a 5 yearly colonoscopy if you have PSC but do not have IBD. If you have PSC and have symptoms that mean IBD is suspected, expect to have a colonoscopy.


If you have new or changing symptoms or changes are seen in other tests, expect to have further non-invasive investigations such as MRCP (a type of MRI scan), dynamic liver MRI and/or contrast CT scans.


Your PSC doctor will also think about your IBD activity, bone density, vitamin levels and eligibility for clinical trials.