Yvonne's Liver Transplant Journey - video

Yvonne has Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and now needs a liver transplant. She is recording a video diary of her transplant journey and has been on the Waiting List for a transplant since 14th December 2012. This is an honest account, and will serve as both memory for Yvonne of her transplant experience, and and will help others understand the highs and lows, and the reality of having a liver transplant. She hopes to add updates, so watch out for future chapters.

Update: Yvonne had her long awaited liver tranplant on Thursday 7th November 2013.

Thank you, Yvonne for sharing your journey with us. 

Video chapters

Chapter One - Waiting and Preparing

Chapter Two - The Call

Chapter Three - The Surgery

Chapter Four - On the Ward part 1

Chapter Four - One the Ward part 2

Chapter Five - Leaving the Ward

The Patient Experience - Yvonne at the PSC Support 2014 London Meeting