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Working to end PSC

We're here to help anyone affected by PSC and to drive PSC research towards a cure

PSC Support is the leading organisation for anyone affected by primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)

PSC is a rare, immune-mediated liver disease that can affect anyone, at any age. PSC is complex and current evidence suggests that people with a genetic makeup may be susceptible to some sort of (as yet unknown) environmental trigger, which causes their immune system to effectively 'attack' the bile ducts.

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We provide patients and families with high-quality, accessible information and the support they need; we collaborate with healthcare providers to improve clinical care; we shape and fund critical research so that we can live in a world without PSC.

PSC News

Should i have the COVID 19 vaccine

FAQ on COVID Vaccine and Transplantation


FAQs about COVID vaccines for people on the transplant waiting list, those who have already had a transplant and living donors.

UK Liver Transplant Update Jan 21

UK Liver Transplant Update (January 2021)


How is COVID-19 impacting liver transplantation during this wave?

COVID vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine and Autoimmune Liver Disease Patients


Statement and 2minute video about COVID vaccines and autoimmune liver disease.

Just diagnosed with PSC 10 tips

Just Diagnosed With PSC?


If you have just been diagnosed with PSC, read this first.


The #UK has committed to provide #healthcare professionals with the #education and #resources that help them to recognise #RareDiseases and be aware of their #treatment needs 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Learn more about the new #UKRareDiseaseFramework here 👉 #RareDisease

'If you do have a serious illness it's really important that is treated.'

@NHSEnglandNMD Stephen Powis on @SkyNews this morning urging the public to still use NHS services if they need medical help. The NHS is still here to see you, safely. #HelpUsHelpYou

#PSC is a complex condition and while there is no curative treatment, your doctor can monitor your condition and help manage your symptoms using current clinical practice guidelines.

Learn more about what to expect from your routine care: