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We're here to help anyone affected by PSC and to drive PSC research towards a cure

PSC Support is the leading UK-based organisation for anyone affected by primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). We’re here to help, whether you are a patient, family member, healthcare provider or researcher.


PSC is a rare, immune-mediated liver disease that can affect anyone, at any age. PSC is complex and current evidence suggests that people with a genetic makeup may be susceptible to some sort of (as yet unknown) environmental trigger, which causes their immune system to effectively 'attack' the bile ducts.


PSC Support is working to improve the lives of people affected by PSC by providing support and information, campaigning to improve the care we receive, and funding critical research to find effective PSC treatments.

Our vision is to see a world without PSC

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Maxine Patient Perspective

Living with PSC: A Patient’s Perspective VIDEO

May 21, 2019

Maxine gives an account of her PSC diagnosis, being listed for liver transplant and life after her liver transplant for PSC.

Douglas Thorburn Dec18

PSC Research VIDEO

May 17, 2019

Dr Douglas Thorburn from the Royal Free Hospital London talking about the latest PSC research.

Aileen Marshall Dec 18

What to expect from your PSC doctor VIDEO

May 17, 2019

Dr Aileen Marshall from the Royal Free Hospital London talking about what to expect from your PSC doctor.

Organ Donation Ireland

Opt-Out Organ Donation System for Ireland

May 3, 2019

Proposals approved to publish the draft legislation for an opt-out organ donation system in Ireland.

Real issue for patients with chronic liver disease @PBCFoundation @PBCers @PSCSupportUK @PSCPartners . Should we call it fatigue or as below, is a better analogy a battery that runs flat too quickly and won't hold its recharge?@EASLedu @AASLDtweets

I have just received my letter from Oxford University that I have been granted “leave to supplicate”. i.e. officially passed my DPhil in Clinical Medicine! It’s been a challenging but rewarding and memorable 3.5 years and I thank all who have helped and supported me along the way

Today is #ClinicalTrialsDay.

There has never been a more exciting time in the history of PSC research.

Visit the link below to read more about the clinical trials and other research studies that are currently happening for PSC.


It’s the PSC Information Day on 22nd June. Very happy to be a speaker this time round and share my transplant experience with other PSCers.

Filled with lots of valuable information for newly diagnosed and existing PSCers alike.