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There are all kinds of PSC research studies to take part in

Be Proactive

The NHS Constitution clearly pledges to inform you of research studies in which you may be eligible to participate.

However, PSC is rare and not all hospitals can run clinical trials. If you want to go on a clinical trial for a new PSC drug, be proactive.

About Clinical Trials

Research to understand PSC or find an effective treatment comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from completing surveys from home to testing new drugs.

You can apply to take part but they often have short recruiting periods, so don't wait until your next PSC medical appointment if you are keen to know more.

Be Informed

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Clinical trials map

The map below shows which centres are recruiting for the following clinical trials:

  • NorUrso
  • PIP-C
  • Cilofexor

Note that the status of sites is may change based on local COVID-19 impact. Sites will only consider you for trials when it is safe to do so. A site not recruiting today may be recruiting next week. We will endeavour to keep this map as up to date as we can.

Key to map:

  • Recruiting: site is recruiting patients
  • On hold: site is registered for this trial but not currently recruiting
  • Ongoing: site is registered for the trial and current recruiting status is not confirmed

What trials are running?

Patient safety comes first. Hospitals may temporarily halt recruitment/screening depending on local COVID-19 impact.

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