Colon cancer – colorectal cancer

If you have PSC and ulcerative colitis, you are at a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer than the general population or those with ulcerative colitis alone. Interestingly, this risk is not so great if you have PSC and Crohn’s.

As a result, annual screening by colonoscopy with biopsies is essential if you have PSC and ulcerative colitis.

Bile duct cancer - cholangiocarcinoma (CCA)

Between 8-30% of adult PSCers will get CCA in either the intra- or extrahepatic bile ducts. A third of patients with PSC who develop CCA are diagnosed within 1 year of the diagnosis of their PSC.

Other hepatobiliary malignancies

Gall bladder cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), are also more common in PSC. Gall-bladder polyps are a risk factor for gall bladder cancer in PSC, and should be treated by cholecystectomy. HCC is treated conventionally within the accepted criteria. The risk of pancreatic carcinomas may also be increased in PSC.

Reviewed 10/05/12

Taken from Chapman, 2011. Primary sclerosing cholangitis. Medicine, 39(10): 588-591

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