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Joining our active Facebook group will help you to contact other people affected by PSC, ask questions and talk about living with PSC.

We created the group to provide emotional support and information to people with PSC and their families. We have created this safe space to ask questions and discuss life with PSC.

'The first 3 months were a whirlwind and the best thing I did was find this group. Once again, I reiterate everyone has a different journey. However support is always available.'

'...and I (and many others) totally understand what you're going through. Any questions, do feel free to ask - or even to have a moan đź™‚ I don't post all that much, but this is fantastic group to be in - the support you'll find here is second to none.'

'Try not to feel down. Come here for support - this group is great. There will be someone in your area here, someone who has been through the same thing.'

'Like you I felt all at sea when I got my diagnosis, but this group will help you understand things. You are not alone.'

Dr Google nearly sent me off the edge, my mind was all over the place. And, 3 months later, and having visited this forum almost daily, things are now less scary and overwhelming.

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