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COVID-19 Personal Record and Self Help Toolkit

For liver patients


We have produced a toolkit with LIVErNORTH to help liver patients keep track of symptoms and make the most out of their medical appointments during COVID-19.

Changes to Healthcare

The situation is improving in the NHS but COVID-19 is still there, so a return to normal is not yet possible. To reduce your exposure to COVID-19, the NHS is moving to telephone reviews for some appointments instead of patients attending in person. You may also find that some of your appointments and procedures are delayed or that clinics are held in different hospitals.

Your Records

Keeping a record of your symptoms, general wellbeing and any changes to medication will ensure that you have all the necessary information relating to your condition available during an appointment or a telephone review.


The toolkit also contains some handy resources for information on COVID-19, getting support and wellbeing.

Print the Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to be a paper copy so you can jot down how you are doing and keep it handy.

Questions for your doctor

Plan in advance which PSC-related questions you would like to ask your doctor at your next appointment. See questions for your PSC doctor in our Working with Your Doctor section: