Low residue foods

Ideas for low residue foods to eat prior to a colonoscopy

What can I eat before a colonoscopy?

If you are asked to eat a low residue diet prior to your colonoscopy, here are some of the foods you can and cannot have. If in doubt, please check with your healthcare provider:

Bread and crackers
Refined, white, wheat or seedless rye bread, rolls, melba toast, plain muffin, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, bread sauce, Yorkshire pudding, smooth biscuits (e.g. Rich Tea), water biscuitsAny breads or crackers which contain whole grain flour/ barley/ bran/ seeds/ nuts/coconut/dried fruit, cornbread, digestive biscuits; Ryvita, Vita Wheat, oat cakes, etc.
Ready-to-eat cereals made from corn/ rice/oats e.g. puffed rice, corn flakesAny whole grain or bran cereal; oatmeal; any cereal with seeds/nuts/coconut/dried fruit, shredded wheat, bran flakes, bran buds, muesli, granola
Rice and Pasta
White rice, refined pastaBarley, brown/wild rice, whole wheat pasta
Fruit and vegetables
White or sweet potatoes (no skins)Skins of potatoes
Most canned or cooked fruits without seeds or skin
Strained fruit juice
Ripe bananas, avocado
All fresh fruit except bananas
Dried fruit and prune juice
Most well-cooked vegetables (excluding the skins)
Liquidised vegetable juices
Raw vegetables and vegetables with seeds such as cucumber/whole tomatoes, winter squash, peas, sweet corn, mushrooms, celery.
Dairy Products
Milk, cream, cheese, cottage cheese, plain or flavoured yoghurt, butter/margarineCheeses containing seed/nuts.
Yoghurts with berries or seeds.
Meat, Fish, Poultry & Meat substitutes
Boiled or steamed meat/fish
Smooth peanut butter
Red meat, hot dogs or sausages; any meat prepared with whole grain ingredients, seeds or nuts; dried beans, chickpeas, peas; pulses (including lentils); chunky peanut butter
Strained milk or cream soups
Broth soups such as chicken noodle/chicken rice, clear and pureed soups, consommé
Marmite, Oxo, Bovril
Soups containing lentils, beans, split peas, whole tomatoes or any other not allowed ingredients
Soya milk
Milk puddings
Plain cakes/scones
Seedless jam
Jelly (any colour except red/purple)
Anything containing fruits/nuts, popcorn, chocolate and toffee with dried fruit and nuts.
Cakes/ puddings/ pies containing wholemeal flour/ dried fruits/nuts/coconut and other fruits which are not allowed
Apple juice/tomato juice
Fizzy drinks, mineral water
Weak tea/coffee
Bovril or clear soups
Hot chocolate
Strong tea/coffee
Drinks with red/purple dye
Fruit juice with pulp or bits
Sugar/honey/golden syrup
Tomato sauce
Soy sauce
Glucose in small amounts
Boiled sweets (not the red or purple ones).
Jam with skin, peel or pips.
Herbs with stalks and leaves (remove before eating)
Excess pepper, curry, chilli powder and mustard
Pickles, relishes, horseradish

Clear fluids before a colonoscopy

Expect to be asked to drink clear fluids for a day before your colonoscopy.

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