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A New Phase 3 Clinical Trial

A new Phase 3 clinical trial is starting to recruit volunteers across the UK and Europe testing the drug Cilofexor/ GS-9674 in PSC patients.

What is Phase 3?

Clinical trials develop over three main phases:

  • Phase 1 assesses the safety of the drug.
  • Phase 2 tests the how effective the drug is.
  • Phase 3 studies safety and effectiveness even further and typically involves more patients.

Four trial locations have been announced with more to come over the coming weeks/months.

Am I suitable to take part?

Not everyone is. We've put together some information about this trial and where the study locations are here:

What's involved in taking part in a clinical trial?

Find out about the background to clinical trials, e.g, what they are,  what's involved, and the benefits at the government (National Institute for Health and Research) website, Be Part of Research.

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