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Shielding Advice Updated

England and Wales

Why is Shielding Guidance Changing?

The government says that the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community has reduced, and that the average chance of catching the virus is now down from 1 in 40 to 1 in 1000.

Jenny Harries, in the 31 May Daily Briefing, stated that she believes that the risk of transmission of the virus outside is 'very low', which is why the easing of the shielding guidance (England) involves being outside, rather than inside.



The government has announced changes to the shielding advice in England from tomorrow (1 June 2020):

  • you can go outside once a day with members of your household, or, if you live alone, can meet with one other person from another household.
  • you should still remain at least 2 meters away from other people, and you should not go to work or the shops and should avoid crowded places where you can’t social distance.


Read government announcement


In the Daily Briefing on 31 May, it was advised that everyone who has been advised to shield (in England) will receive a letter from the NHS advising them of changes and support available after 30th June.



The Welsh government has announced changes to the shielding advice in Wales for tomorrow (1 June 2020):

  • outdoor exercise is unlimited, as long as individuals strictly follow social distancing rules and hygiene practices
  • those who are shielding can meet outside with people from another household – but should not go into another person’s house or share food with them


Read government announcement


Northern Ireland

We haven't heard anything from Northern Ireland but their website guidance points to the shielding guidance for England.

Shielding in Northern Ireland



Nicola Sturgeon tweeted this morning that nothing has changed to the shielding guidance in Scotland.


Shielding in Scotland


It’s guidance!

Remember the shielding guidance is just that: guidance. The guidance is there to protect you but you can choose how you wish to follow it as long as you follow the social distancing guidance at the very minimum.


Getting medical help

Everyone should continue to access the NHS services when needed. Hospitals and emergency care are open for you.


Do I need to shield?

Not everyone with PSC has been told to shield. See our PSC and COVID-19 information:

PSC and COVID-19


Ask the Expert

Watch Dr Yeoman discussing accessing healthcare with us in our Ask the Expert session on Thursday 28 May: