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All about PSC

PSC overview

Overview Of PSC

What is PSC? Who gets PSC? What will happen to me?

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Diagnosing PSC

Diagnosing PSC

How PSC is diagnosed.

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How to explain PSC

Explaining PSC

PSC is complex and difficult to explain. Our infographic makes it easy.

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Symptom management


Not all people with PSC have symptoms. Those that do, report fatigue, brain fog, pain, and itch most often.

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Alert Card Front bright

Bacterial Cholangitis

Bacterial cholangitis and what to do if you think you have it.

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Related conditions to PSC

Related Conditions

PSC is associated with a number of other conditions, in particular autoimmune diseases.

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Our downloadable PSC leaflets are a helpful way of quickly understanding PSC.


If you are a hospital or liver clinic, please get in touch to order supplies of our leaflets at no cost.

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