Liver transplantation for PSC

Not everyone with PSC will need to have a liver transplant. However, some people do, so we've created this comprehensive guide to answer all your questions relating to transplantation and PSC.

In this section:

Organ donation

Organ Donation

The importance of organ donation and how to join the register.

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Liver Transplant Basics

Liver Transplant Basics

Will I need a transplant? How will my doctor decide if I need one?

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Transplant tips

Transplant Tips

Information to help you prepare for liver transplant by those who have been through it.

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So you need a liver transplant

So You Need A Liver Transplant

Life on the waiting list and how to prepare for your transplant.

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Your liver transplant

Your Liver Transplant

What happens during the surgery and what to expect when you wake up from the operation.

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After you liver transplant

After Your Liver Transplant

All you need to know about being in hospital after your transplant – from stitches to getting things moving for that first poo!

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Clare Once you get home

Once You Get Home

Your questions answered about life after liver transplant.

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Living donor liver transplant

Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Your questions about living donor liver transplant answered.

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PSC and Me

PSC And Me

Personal stories about living with PSC.

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