Blood tests

Blood tests are a regular part of the management of PSC. The tests give an indication of how well your liver is functioning. They are conducted every 3-6 months, or more frequently if your symptoms escalate. Your blood tests are carried out at your hospital or GP’s surgery. 

PSC Support recommends that you ask for a copy of each blood test result, so you have a complete picture of your blood history over time. Many PSCers find it useful to track and graph their own results. This way you can see straight away if your results are stable, and are very useful to take on hospital visits to show your consultant. PSC Support has a downloadable LFT Tracker that produces a graph, thanks to member, Kevin McCabe.

The doctors monitor the results to look for changes, and while results are consistent they tend not to be worried.

Professor Bowlus gave a presentation at the 2011 PSC Partners Seeking a Cure conference. His handout provides an excellent explanation of each test. Not all of these tests will be carried out during every panel of blood tests, and neither will your panel of tests always be the same.

Reviewed 10/05/12

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