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Medicine prescriptions

Ordering repeat prescriptions and managing the cost of your prescriptions

People with PSC often have other diseases and might therefore need a number of prescriptions. You are responsible for ensuring that you understand why you are taking the medication prescribed to you. If you are unsure, ask your doctor or nurse to explain. You should also have your prescriptions reviewed on a regular basis by your GP or pharmacist.


Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

Order your medications well in advance – some GP practices take 24-48 hours to turn around prescription requests. Many GPs now offer online services, which allow you to order repeat prescriptions without having to phone or visit your surgery.


Paying for Prescriptions

Prescription prepayment certificate

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland provide free prescriptions to everyone. In England, prescription charges must be paid (unless you have an exempt condition). If you pay for your prescriptions, check with your chemist if you are entitled to any benefits or consider a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC). A PPC is like a season ticket for medicines as it covers all of your NHS prescriptions no matter how many items you need. A PPC saves you money if you buy more than 12 prescription medicines per year.

Prescription Charges Coalition

Like others with multiple long-term conditions, people with PSC must pay for their prescriptions, often needing to buy multiple medications at once. Prescription charges impose costs on people with chronic conditions for the medicine that keeps them well or even alive, not to mention the additional costs if their illnesses flare-up. As a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition, PSC Support campaigns to end unfair prescription charges for people with long-term medical conditions like PSC and IBD.

News about Medicines and Treatments

Your Medicines Supply From 01 Jan 2020

23 Dec 2020

Medicine supplies after 31 December 2020.

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Joanna: Cant Afford My Medication

20 Feb 2020

Thousands with long-term conditions like PSC and IBD have to pay for their prescriptions, while those with conditions like Type-1 diabetes don’t pay a penny. Why?

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Electronic Prescriptions to be Introduced Nationally from November 2019

19 Oct 2019

NHS to scrap paper prescriptions next month under a plan to save £300m by 2021.

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PSC Support is working with the UK Regulatory Authority for Medicine Development

22 Jul 2019

PSC Support is a member of the Patient Group Consultative Forum (PGCF) to bring the PSC patient voice to the work of the MHRA.

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Yellow Card Scheme

22 Jul 2019

How to report side effects of medicines and how to create a ‘watch list’ of medications for which you can receive news and alerts.

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Medicine Development Training

16 Jun 2019

This week, Maxine, PSC Support’s Programme Development Officer, has been extending her knowledge in this area with EURORDIS, the European patient organisation for rare diseases.

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Your Medicines Supply After the EU Exit

05 Mar 2019

What to expect in the event of a no-deal EU Exit and and what to do now.

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Research of medicine for PSC

03 Dec 2018

PSC Support represents patients at EMA meeting on development of medicines for PSC

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