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New Vancomycin Study in PSC

New Vancomycin Study

University of Birmingham

The PSC-Vanc Study

Dr Quraishi from the University of Birmingham will lead a new clinical trial looking at vancomycin in PSC patients called the PSC-Vanc Study.

The study team will recruit fifteen people with PSC-IBD in 2022. Those with inflammation in the bowel will be given 4 weeks’ of treatment with oral vancomycin. The team will collect stool samples and colonic biopsies from the participants at different intervals. They will then evaluate changes in the gut bacteria, the chemicals produced, bile acids and genes being expressed within the bowel. This will help us to identify specific disease pathways that are associated with PSC-IBD.

Why is this PSC study important?

Dr Quraishi said, “We don't know why vancomycin seems to work in PSC and PSC-IBD. The big question is are we doing something to the gut bacteria or bile acids that lead to a favourable shift. If so what is it and why? It’s a simple study but an important study to do. We are hoping to unlock and understand potential mechanisms for colitis and liver disease in PSC and if there are specific targets (such as bacteria, bile acids and genes) that can be translated into novel treatments for clinical trials.”