Your medical care

How PSC and your symptoms are managed: treatments, complications, how to work with your medical team and situations requiring urgent care

In this section:

Working wtth your doctor

Working With Your Doctor

How to work with your medical team, access urgent care and manage your routine care.

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Questions for your doctor

Questions For Your Doctor

What to ask your doctor during your first and routine appointments.

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Diagnosing PSC

Diagnosing PSC

How PSC is diagnosed.

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Routine care and monitoring

Routine Care And Monitoring

How your doctor will manage your condition using current clinical practice guidelines.

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Symptom management

Symptom Management

Symptom assessment and management in PSC.

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Treatments for PSC

Treatments For PSC

Research into effective treatments for PSC is flourishing.

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Complications in PSC

Complications In PSC

What are the possible complications of PSC?

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When to contact your PSC doctor (non routine situations)

When To Contact Your PSC Doctor

When to contact your PSC doctor (non-routine situations).

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Bacterial cholangitis PSC Support

Bacterial Cholangitis

Bacterial cholangitis and what to do if you think you have it.

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Find a PSC specialist

Find A Specialist

Hospitals in the UK with an interest in PSC or experience with PSC.

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