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Our research strategy

How and why we fund PSC research

There is currently no known curative treatment, or treatment that is known to slow the progression of PSC

Our priorities are the search for a curative treatment, treatment which slows the progression of PSC and treatment that alleviates the symptoms and psychological effects of PSC and improves PSC patients’ quality of life.

PSC Support Research Project Grants

Funding mechanism

  • The frequency and value of funds available for the Grant(s) will be determined each financial year, and are listed under information for applicants.
  • Applicants may apply for grants up to the available amount.
  • PSC Support reserves the right to offer funds to more than one applicant per round up to and including the amount of available Grant funds.
  • PSC Support is an NIHR Non-Commercial Partner. PSC Support Research Project Grants can be eligible for NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) support.

What we intend to fund

The establishment and development of:

  • Biobanking
  • Bio-markers

Research into:

  • Prevalence/epidemiology
  • Aetiology and identification of subpopulations of PSC patients
  • Treatment
  • Outcomes including liver transplantation
  • Clinical trials in PSC

Social research to investigate:

  • Quality of life
  • Survivorship
  • Transition to adult services
  • Compliance and adherence

How we fund research

  • PSC Support will fund high quality research related to PSC.
  • We expect investigators to disseminate the results of their research to both the general public and the scientific community.
  • PSC Support encourages multi-centre, collaborative research.
  • PSC Support will encourage projects that link into other funding streams and national research priorities.
  • Applications can include funding for pilot studies, funding equipment (but not IT equipment), and funding social and nursing research.
  • Travel and internal audit grants will not normally be awarded except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Funds will not be awarded retrospectively.


We rely on charitable donations to make our vital work possible

What is PSC?

What exactly is PSC? We've got the basics covered #PSCFacts


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