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Imagine a world without PSC. That's what we're doing. #LetsBeatPSC

PSC is referred to as ‘the last black box in hepatology’ because there is so much we don’t yet understand about the condition, despite impressive progress in the last decade.

Step by step, researchers and scientists are systematically breaking down the PSC puzzle and building a fundamental understanding of the factors at play in our condition.  We need to understand why the bile ducts are attacked, how the bile ducts respond to being attacked, and how to change that process.

People with PSC urgently need a treatment that works and we can all play a part in finding one.

There has never been a more exciting time in the history of PSC research. There may be studies taking place in your own hospital, national and international studies through UK-PSC, drug trials, or qualitative studies looking at the psychological burden of PSC and how patients can be better supported.

Taking part in research can range from filling in a short questionnaire, giving blood or another sample, giving extra biopsies during your colonoscopy, to trying out a drug that is being developed for PSC.

We can't stress enough how important your effort to help is: PSC is rare and as many of us as possible need to be part of the movement to find a treatment that works, once and for all.

Together, we can make a difference.

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Research Strategy

Our Research Strategy

How and why we fund PSC research.

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Voice for patients

The Voice For PSC Patients In Research

PSC Support is leading the way in driving and supporting PSC research.

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Get Involved

Patients and family members are involved and contribute to all aspects of our work. Add your voice. #LetsBeatPSC

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Martine Walmsley PSC Support is a CIO

A Rare Disease Voice

We’re active in the rare disease space nationally and internationally to strengthen our voice and improve care and support for people with PSC.

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