Your donor

Contacting your donor's family

What information will I find out about my donor?

Because organ donation is confidential, your transplant coordinator can only disclose limited information such as your donor’s age and sex. Your transplant coordinator will ask you if you would like to know this information. This is a personal choice and you should do what feels right for you. If you decline, you can always change your mind later if you wish.

Can I write to my donor’s family?

Yes. If you want to write to your donor’s family, you can do so. Your letter is passed to your transplant coordinator who will let the family know that there is a letter from you. It can be a moving experience for both you and your donor’s family. People who have had a transplant often say that this letter is difficult to write and that it can take a long time before they are ready to begin.

After Your Liver Transplant

After you liver transplant

All you need to know about being in hospital after your transplant – from stitches to getting things moving for that first poo!

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News About Organ Donation

Letter to My Organ Donor Family

02 Nov 2019

Nathan talks about his transplant for PSC and shares the letter he wrote to the family of his organ donor

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NHS Organ Donor Register Reaches 25-Year Milestone

25 Oct 2019

As NHS Organ Donor Register reaches its 25th anniversary, there are now nearly 25 million people on the NHS Organ Donor Register and more than 20,000 lives have potentially been saved or transformed thanks to its introduction.

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Liver Transplantation and PSC video

14 Oct 2019

We’ve uploaded the latest video from our Information Day at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. This is a great overview of liver transplantation for PSC from Dr James Ferguson.

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Supercool Livers

13 Sep 2019

A new method for liver transplants from Harvard scientists.

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BBC programme on athletes in the Transplant Games

05 Sep 2019

Watch BBC programme about this year’s athletes competing in the World Transplant Games. Available until 29 Sep 2019.

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The British Transplant Games 2019

02 Aug 2019

Our Trustee, Karen Rockell, talks about the 2019 British Transplant Games.

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Liver Transplant Policy

23 Jul 2019

Ensuring equitable access to donor organs for people on the liver transplant waiting list.

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Highest Ever Number of Organ Donors Last Year

21 Jul 2019

The annual Organ Donation and Transplantation Activity Report from NHS Blood and Transplant reports was published his month for the year 2018/19.

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Liver Patients’ Transplant Consortium Meeting

17 Jul 2019

Liver patient groups met today to discuss liver transplant related issues and developments.

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Presumed Consent for Scotland

12 Jun 2019

Another step towards presumed consent organ donation in Scotland.

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